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Kopi Luwak Coffee

Editor's choiceKopi Luwak Coffee

The Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee is considered the world’s best coffee by most of the world’s coffee connoisseurs. It is also the world’s most expensive coffee. It is also known as the civet cat coffee or the cat poop coffee.

Kopi means coffee and luwak refers to the Asian palm civet cat (Paradoxurushermaphroditus). The Civet cat eats the ripe coffee fruit and after passing through its digestive track, the undigested coffee beans are excreted. These are collected, cleaned, disinfected, sun dried and lightly roasted to give you the wonderful coffee so beloved of the coffee aficionados.

The digestive juices of the civet cat especially proteolytic enzymes break the complex proteins in the coffee beans producing shorter peptides and amino acids which are sweeter than the complex proteins. This process is what removes the bitterness from the coffee and gives this kopi luwak coffee its characteristic mellow and sweet taste. Also the choice of Arabica coffee is a good one as Arabica is sweeter and smoother than the stronger robust aversions.

There has been a lot of controversy about this coffee recently due to the discovery that the civet cats were being kept in captivity to make this coffee. However the coffee we have taken here is only produced by wild civet cats which roam free in luwaka preserve in the volcanic area of Mount Matutum in the Philippines. Wild civet cats have a stronger sense of smell and also have the freedom to choose the fruits they want to eat as compared to the captive cats. So they will eat only the ripest and the sweetest fruits ensuring the coffee produced from these fruits is the best in the world.

Wild Kopi Luwak Features

·        Made of high quality Arabica seeds grown in the volcanic area of Mount Matutum in the Philippines. It is lightly roasted in USA to ensure a mellow and sweet taste.

·        The Asian palm civet cats who eats the coffee are wild civet cats which means that they are free to choose the coffee beans they like to eat and so choose the ripest and the most succulent fruits giving this coffee the best taste possible.

·        It is a 100% organic coffee, grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

·        Collected by the Baan Tribe, the indigenous tribal people of this region who are treated ethically by the company (Kopi Luwak Direct) that produces this coffee.

·        Lightly roasted to get the best flavor of the coffee

·        This coffee comes in a 2.4 ounces or 70 gram bags.

·        Comes in a re-sealable pouch which keeps the coffee fresh for a longer time.

·        It is priced at around $80 for the bag.

What We Like

This is considered the world’s best coffee so no wonder it has a lot of things we do like.

1.      Aroma: It has a rich coffee aroma. It hits you when you open the bag which is well sealed to preserve the freshness of the coffee. And when you grind the beans, the entire kitchen smells wonderful.

2.      Taste:  The proof of the pudding or in this case the coffee is in its tasting.  It is a smooth coffee which faintly tastes like dark chocolate with a hint of nuts. It does not have the bitter or acidic aftertaste which we associate with many other coffees. Please try it black with minimum sugar, you don’t need milk.

3.      You can have 3 – 4 cups and even then this will sit well in the stomach. Apparently the digestive enzymes of the civet do well to aid in digestion.

4.      We love the fact that this is an organically grown coffee which means no chemical were used to grow it, making this a healthier and more environmentally friendly coffee. Please keep in mind the coffee did pass through the digestive tract of a wild animal so…..

What We Don’t Like

Well it is the world’s most expensive coffee. There are cheaper brands available, but you will get what you paid for. So if you want a genuine wild Kopi Luwak go with this brand.

And Finally

Only when you drink it do you understand why it is so expensive, given it is considered the best coffee in the world. It may not be for your everyday use, but for that occasional coffee pleasure or for sharing it with other coffee loving friends while discussing the process in which it is made, this is a perfect cup of brew.



Marley Coffee Review

Editor's choiceMarley Coffee One Love Organic

Drinking coffee in the morning is almost like a ritual for most people. It makes one feel fresh and kick starts the day in an active manner. It is important that the coffee in the morning must be healthy for one’s body and the environment. Organic coffee is the best choice to make for your coffee needs. Unlike conventional coffee growing methods, organic coffee plantations are grown in a shady atmosphere, preventing the destruction of important forest habits for creatures big and small. Also, there are no pesticides used that might affect the ecosystem or harm coffee plantation workers. Marley Organic Whole Bean Coffee, One Love is a perfect choice to make!

Features Of Marley Organic Coffee

With a sideline, ‘Stir It up’, Marley Coffee are always a delight to coffee lovers.

·        The whole beans in One love are all organic.

·        It is a 2-pound pack with  medium roast coffee beans.

·        It is 100% Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans.

·        It is an Organic certified coffee grown in a sustainable manner to help preserve the environment.

·         It is a product from the coffee heaven, Jamaica.

·        The coffee also has exotic floral and berry notes that give a distinct taste and flavor to the coffee. One cup of freshly brewed coffee is sure to transport you to a whole new experience of coffee drinking!

Marley Coffee Pros:

The Marley Organic Whole Bean Coffee has a lot of positive features. It can be summed up as:

·        Excellent taste – For all coffee lovers, this is a blessing in disguise. The beans give out an excellent aroma when it is ground and it makes a great coffee with or without milk and creamer. The medium roast level preserves this wonderful Ethiopian coffee’s floral and fruity notes.

·        Similar sized beans – All the beans in the package are similar sized, it gives an excellent blend in a uniform manner. The beans are all in perfect shape too which helps with achieving a uniform grind.

·        Perfect roast – For a medium roast coffee, the beans are roasted properly without a single bean that is burnt or roasted above the normal roasting level.

·        Minimal broken beans – Some packages might have a lot of broken beans but with this product, the whole pack has a minimal few broken beans.

·        No Oily beans – Most beans are seemingly fresh in Marley’s coffee. Since this is a fairly light to medium roast the beans are minimally oily. There is a nice sheen, but nothing extreme.

·        Organic – Being USDA certified organic coffee and grown in a sustainable environment, Marley’s coffee is very good for your health as well as the environment AND coffee workers.

·        Easy on the digestive tract – Most people who have a lot of coffee often complain about acidity and heartburn. Marley’s organic whole bean coffee, One love, does not have any such reactions.

Marley Coffee Cons:

However good a coffee can get, it will definitely bring in some critical reviews too. Here are a few points that say that the coffee may not be up to the expectations for some people

·        You need to use more beans for the strong flavor – One Love is an ideal choice for people who love mild flavors and weak coffee. Those who enjoy a stronger brew with big taste, tend to use more beans to get their desired flavor.

·        Good for mild coffee lovers – To get a mild flavor coffee, usually other products are chosen. It is an ideal choice for mild flavor lovers and not for strong taste lovers.

Bottom line of One love – “One Love Is all One Needs”

It is a very good choice for everyday coffee as it is reasonably priced and can be used on a day to day basis. However, the coffee beans might not be ideal for all coffee lovers. If you are a person who wants to be transported to another new world by tasting coffee, this could be the ticket. Choose Marley’s Whole bean Organic One Love for an unforgettable experience.



Death Wish Coffee

Editor's choiceDeath Wish Coffee

The website for the Death Wish Coffee says “This is Extreme Coffee, not for the weak. Consider yourself Warned.” Obviously they say this as they claim that they have the world’s strongest coffee with more than double the caffeine available in an average coffee.

This is true when it is brewed as per the company norms which is a liberal 2 ½ teaspoons of ground coffee powder to a 6 ounce cup. This high amount of caffeine in the coffee is due to the higher amount of Robusta coffee beans which have higher caffeine content than the milder Arabica coffee beans. Death wish claims to have 660 mg of caffeine in a 12 fluid ounce cup.

The Robusta coffee beans are specially selected from Indonesia, Ethiopia and South America for their higher caffeine content and roasted to medium dark with a special process so as not to lose caffeine in the beans which usually goes down as the bean is being roasted.

It is priced at a slightly higher end of the artisan coffee brands at around $20 for a 16 ounce bag. You can buy it directly on its website or on

Death Wish Features

·        This coffee is made of a special blend of beans from Indonesia, Ethiopia, and South America which are specifically selected for the high amount of caffeine content in them. In fact the producers claim that it has twice the caffeine content of the average coffee in the market today.

·        It is medium dark roasted, much darker than standard coffees to give it a stronger kick.

·        Beans are inspected before roasting for bean consistency and after roasting to ensure that the roast is consistent.

·        This coffee is 100% organically produced. It is USDA Certified Organic. It is also a natural coffee and not a    genetically modified version.

·        It is kosher and is produced using fair trade practices.

·        It comes as coffee beans in bags weighing 16 ounces.

·        It is priced at around $20 for the bag. It comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee.


What We Like

1.      It is certainly the strongest coffee out there. A strong and robust coffee aroma hits you when you open the sealed bag. However this aroma does not waft through the room when brewed.

2.      The producers have claimed that this coffee has twice the caffeine of an average coffee and you can taste the strength of that caffeine in every sip. This coffee is certainly not for the weak as it packs a serious punch. But for all its strength it is smooth and flavourful and does not really taste very bitter or acidic. In fact you can get hints of chocolate and nuts.

3.      It does keep you awake when working late into the night or for those marathon sessions of movies or Netflix. Some people have claimed that they have had to drink fewer cups of coffee through the day as the effects of this coffee lasts longer than other coffee.

4.      We love the packaging, which keeping with its name the coffee is packed in a black bag which is decorated with skull and bones. The fun packaging generates a lot of humour and conversations when you take it out in front of your friends.

5.      We also like the fact that this coffee is USDA certified organic which means it’s healthier than a regular coffee.

6.      We also like the confidence of the manufacturers who offer a no question asked money back guarantee if we don’t like the coffee. This shows the confidence they have in their product.

What We Don’t Like

1.      This coffee is definitely only for those who have a very high tolerance for caffeine and not for regular coffee drinkers.

2.      It is rather an expensive coffee, but perhaps we need to drink half as much to get the same buzz.

3.      It is a bit bitter due to the Robusta coffees. In all honesty we are NOT fans of Robusta. Most coffee snobs will agree that Arabica coffees are the true gourmet coffee beans.

The Final Results

If you are the type who drinks coffee just to get a caffeine kick for the energy required to get through your day then this is the coffee for you. You will not get a stronger caffeine kick with any other coffee. So if you do have a death wish, go ahead and try the coffee.



BulletProof Ground Coffee

bulletproof coffee

For this review we went a different direction. Normally on this site you will read reviews of whole bean coffee that we grind with our our . When it comes to coffee most people will purchase this 12 oz ground package. In order to be true to what everyday coffee drinkers will experience we opted for this pre-ground package.

Full of healthy antioxidants and without compromising on taste or flavor, Bulletproof Ground Coffee promises you the best coffee you may have ever tasted. It is a coffee, carefully picked up from a single estate and has been tested by experts for purity. This particular brand of coffee is grown at high altitudes and on a single estate. The process involves harvesting, processing and then shipping the coffee which lets it get rid of the inflammation causing toxins that are commonly found in coffee. The lab tests that this coffee undergoes checks for purity and also if it can enhance human performance. So grab a steaming hot cup of Bulletproof Ground Coffee and kick-start your day with this drink. It will not only keep you energized but will also enhance your health.

Even for those who do not like coffee, Bulletproof Ground Coffee will surely compel you to change your mind. It tastes so good that you cannot wait to lay your hands on it. The research on mold and other toxins that have been carried on this variety of coffee keeps all worries related to the side effects of consuming coffee at bay. Try this brand of coffee and you will be able to appreciate the difference for yourself. You will start feeling much better from inside as compared to what you feel when you taste the other coffee brands. It is so palatable that you will be able to relish it even without adding milk or sugar to it. The cherry on the cake is that the quality that you get is at a much lesser price than the other competitive coffee brands.

What makes Bulletproof Ground Coffee Stand out among its competitors-Its Features

·        The coffee is completely healthy and the level of mold toxins in the coffee is fully regulated

·        The coffee is lab tested using Bulletproof Process TM

·        It is grown at high altitudes and the coffee seeds are handpicked to bring to you the perfect blended cup of coffee

·        It has antioxidants in its composition

·        The coffee tastes like the other branded varieties of coffee without costing a lot

Why should you buy Bulletproof Ground Coffee-The Pros

·        The coffee is a perfect blend of taste and flavour

·        It is clinically tested and follows all the health safety standards

·        It comes with a lot of antioxidants to help you start your day

·        It is fresh and tastes at par with the top coffee brands

·        It comes in a bag which can be sealed after each use. This keeps the coffee fresh and makes storing easy.

·        You can relish it just as it is. There is no need to add any milk or sugar to it.

·        The cost of a pack of Bulletproof Ground Coffee is much cheaper than the other competitor brands.

·        It tastes as good as the top coffee brands

Things that you need to be careful about when trying Bulletproof Ground Coffee

·        The coffee is very addictive. You may not be able to leave it

·        It is so tasty that you may not want to try any other brand of coffee ever in your life again.

·        Be careful to check the expiry date when you pick up your pack of Bulletproof Ground Coffee from the grocery store

Still deciding about changing your coffee brand to Bulletproof Ground Coffee?

Bulletproof Ground Coffee has flavor, taste and an aroma which will fill your house with a tempting and irresistible aroma every time you brew your coffee. Invite friends or relatives over and they will surely want to know the brand of coffee that you use. Even those who do not enjoy drinking coffee will surely fall in love with this brand. Bulletproof Ground Coffee is the perfect blend of taste, aroma and flavor.

That said, this brand of coffee is a must try. Clinical tests make it safe to consume. It is not only addictive but is also healthy. Try it to believe it. It promises you an experience every coffee lover will die for.



Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Coffee

Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Organic Coffee


It is a universally accepted fact that coffee rules our wakeup time. We want it fresh, rich and clean finished. We want the caffeine to give us the much
required kick and wake us up on our way to work. Our morning cuppa is sacred to us. But, what you sometimes get is a cup of coffee loaded with insecticides
and fertilizers that were sprayed on the crops for profit. It does not get any more natural than Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee. While
growing this coffee in the Marcala region of the Honduras, no chemicals are used. It’s a high altitude region where fewer insects are present, so no
insecticides are necessary. The fruit cherries of the coffee bean are composted and used as fertilizer along with vermiculture. To prevent any bug
problems, peppers are planted as a natural repellant. Its gourmet coffee is at its best organic avatar.


: Subtle Earth Organic

: Organic

: Honduras

: Marcala

: Burke Brands LLC

Crop Year
: 2015

: Strictly High Grown (SHG)

Roast Degree
: Medium to dark

: 53/68

: Smooth milk chocolate, with tones of honey, caramel and cocoa.

Product Dimensions –
5.5 x 4 x 11 inches – 2 lb

Shipping weight
– 2 pounds

The coffee is very dense, and has depth of flavor. It is roasted just right to bring out its characteristic natural flavor. Added to its rich flavor is a
mild sweetness. The coffee is roasted fresh, after it is ordered, in multiple batches 30 to 60 kilograms at the manufacturer’s facility in Miami. So, you
get Marcala beans with the best American roasting technology. The importer is a family of coffee growers and roasters; they are laser-focused on quality.
Since they deal in bulk organic produce and have an innovative business model, they can capitalize with a competitive price and added value to the
customer. Their fair trade practices also protect the original region where they are grown.

Honduran coffees aren’t known for being the best, but if you want to go with a certified organic coffee at a good price, then Honduran coffee may be just the ticket. Since this coffee is directly brought into the United States specifically for roasting you can find this coffee for much cheaper than other certified organic blends. They small batch roast the coffee and don’t use water quenching, which is good. Water quenching can degrade coffee quality and even contribute to the growth of molds and other fungus. By using numerous small batch roasters Don Pablo is able to ensure coffee house quality.

Don Pablo fresh roasts coffees prior to shipping which helps ensure freshness. These beans were from Amazon and were still very fresh.


  • 100% organic certified coffee
  • The bag is well designed: There is a valve that allows gas to escape, which means the coffee remains fresh and has a long shelf life.
  • Easy to brew with any machine whether it is a French Press, Keurig brewer, Espresso machine or a Percolator.
  • Has a long shelf life and stores well due to the good packaging.
  • The flavor is rich and full bodied, bodes well for coffee lovers.
  • With a competitive price tag, it is a good value for money product.


  • Nowhere on the package has it been labeled Fair Trade.
  • Hoduran coffees are typically un-remarkable. It is smooth, but not too flavorful
  • This product was sold as a Medium Dark roast but some customers found it too strong roasted for their taste.
  • Roasting date is not mentioned on the packaging.
  • Some customers found the coffee not dark enough.
  • The beans were too oily, which meant they were roasted too much and all the essential caffeine had been roasted away from the beans.
  • The advertising was not honest and did not deliver on its promise of quality and price.
  • There is no aroma when the coffee is being brewed.


Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Organic Gourmet Coffee

A quick web search showed this coffee had been reviewed around 1,000 times on various sites. It has an average rating of 4.6 out of five stars. 90% of the reviewers had no complaints and rated it between four and five. Five percent of the reviewers rated it average with three stars. A total of five percent rated it below average or poor. Coffee is always judged as a matter of taste, so it is natural for some taste buds to find it weak and for some to find it too strong. Coffee is a strong indication of personality, so some customers want their coffee to have a great aroma that fills up the house while brewing and some are not particular about it. Such factors have been at work while stating the disadvantages of using this brand. However, for organic produce lovers, it is a great buy as organic coffee, if consumed daily, can greatly bring down your exposure to food contamination. This product stores well which indicates its gourmet quality. For gourmet coffee lovers, who want to go the organic way, this is a great start.